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Exclude files from being packaged in a library

Add a .gitattributes file to your repo.

/.github        export-ignore
/containers     export-ignore
/tests          export-ignore
/composer.phar  export-ignore

More info in the article 'GitAttributes for PHP Composer Projects'.

How to randomize a list

A common mistake junior programmers make is to try to randomize a list with code that swaps elements at random:

function randomize_list(array $data)
    for ($i = 0; $i < 10000; $i += 1) {
        $index_1 = random_int(0, count($data) - 1);
        $index_2 = random_int(0, count($data) - 1);
        $temp = $data[$index_2];
        $data[$index_2] = $data[$index_1];
        $data[$index_1] = $temp;

    return $data; 
function randomize_list(array $data)
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($data); $i += 1) {
        $random_index = random_int(0, count($data) - 1);
        $temp = $data[$i];
        $data[$i] = $data[$random_index];
        $data[$random_index] = $temp;

    return $data;

Ignoring bulk change commits with git blame

One problem with cleaning up code-style in a project is that it makes it hard to use the git blame feature.

This can be avoided by creating a file that lists which commits to ignore for the purposes of git blame:

$ cat .git-blame-ignore-revs 
# Conversion to PSR-2 code style

# Fix line endings

And then telling git to use that file:

$ git config blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

Full details are in the blog post Ignoring bulk change commits with git blame by Arnout Boks.

Sleep in long running code

A computer will try to run your code as fast as possible, which is normally a good thing. But when you have a long-running process having something run at 100% CPU for weeks is not good as:

By adding a call to usleep(5); in the loop somewhere, you will massively reduce power usage while only having a trivial slowdown in processing time. Additionally your monitoring system will now see that process sitting at less than 5% CPU usage most of the time, so if it ever gets stuck repeatedly attempting to process the same data, it's much easier to observe.

SQL always use parameterized queries

Whitelisting strings

intval numbers