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Typedef callable signatures

General idea

Currently PHP has the callable type hint*. This allows you to indicate that a parameter, return value of a function or property of a class will be 'callable'.

This only indicates that the value can be called either dynamically $fn(); or through call_user_function. However it does not provide any information about:

The ability to declare function types would make using callables in PHP be way less dangerous.

The syntax could look something like:

// Define the function type
typedef Reducer = callable(int, int): int;

// Use the function type as a paramter type.
function process(array $items, Reducer $rd) {
   $sum = 0;
   foreach ($items as $item) {
       $sum = $rd($sum, $item);

Hurdles to overcome

Implementation needed

Someone needs to sit down do the work of figuring how it should work, and also an implementation would be needed. In particular, co- and contra-variance might be 'non-trivial'.

Additionally, this may need to wait for improvements to the PHP autoloader, which currently only supports classes.




Previous RFC

A previous RFC failed, due more to implementation details rather than the idea being rejected imo.

Random words for RFC draft