This is the list of RFCs that were passed for PHP 8, the authors involved with them, and links to their sponsors page.

PHP 8.1

Person Sponsor links Work items
Aaron Piotrowski Github Fibres
David Gebler fsync() Function
Kamil Tekiela aka Dharman Change Default mysqli Error Mode
Add fetch_column method to mysqli
Mysqli bind in execute
Deprecate autovivification on false
George Peter Banyard Github Explicit octal integer literal notation
Pure intersection types
Deprecate implicit non-integer-compatible float to int conversions
Ilija Tovilo Github Enumerations
Joe Watkins aka Krakjoe Github is_Literal
Partial Function Application
First-class callable syntax
Larry Garfield Github Enumerations
Pipe Operator v2
Levi Morrison Partial Function Application
Marco Pivetta aka Ocramius Github Make reflection setAccessible() no-op
Matt Brown noreturn type
Máté Kocsis Add return type declarations for internal methods
deltragon/Mel Dafert Add IntlDatePatternGenerator
Nikita Popov Deprecate passing null to non-nullable arguments of internal functions
Array unpacking with string keys
Restrict $GLOBALS usage
Phasing out Serializable
Static variables in inherited methods
Readonly properties 2.0
First-class callable syntax
Ondřej Mirtes Github noreturn type
Paul Crovella Partial Function Application
Tyson Andre Add array_is_list(array $array): bool

PHP 8.0

Person Sponsor links Work items
AllenJB Change Default PDO Error Mode
Benjamin Eberlei Implement new DOM Living Standard APIs in ext/dom
Attributes v2
Attribute Amendments
Shorter Attribute Syntax Change
Christoph M. Becker Unbundle ext/xmlrpc
Danack Github Mixed Type v2
Derick Rethans Github Shorter Attribute Syntax Change
Dmitry Stogov JIT
Eliot Lear Add CMS Support
Gabriel Caruso Github Ensure correct signatures of magic methods
PHP 8 Release Manager
George Peter Banyard Github Locale-independent float to string cast
Saner numeric strings
Ilija Tovilo Github throw expression
Match expression v2
Nullsafe operator
Mark Randall get_debug_type
Martin Schröder Attributes v2
Shorter Attribute Syntax
Máté Kocsis Locale-independent float to string cast
Mixed Type v2
Max Semenik non-capturing catches
Nicolas Grekas Add Stringable interface
Nikita Popov Weak maps
Consistent type errors for internal functions
Always generate fatal error for incompatible method signatures
Union Types 2.0
Variable Syntax Tweaks
Static return type
Allow ::class on objects
Validation for abstract trait methods
Object-based token_get_all() alternative
Allow trailing comma in parameter list
Stricter type checks for arithmetic/bitwise operators
Make sorting stable
Saner string to number comparisons
Treat namespaced names as single token
Named Arguments
Reclassifying engine warnings
Pedro Magalhães Arrays starting with a negative index
Remove inappropriate inheritance signature checks on private methods
Philipp Tanlak str_contains
Sara Golemon Github PHP 8 Release Manager
Theodore Brown Shorter Attribute Syntax
Thomas Weinert Implement new DOM Living Standard APIs in ext/dom
Tyson Andre Always available JSON extension
Configurable string length in getTraceAsString()
Allow trailing comma in closure use lists
Don't automatically unserialize Phar metadata outside getMetadata()
Will Hudgins Add str_starts_with() and str_ends_with() functions
Zeev Suraski JIT